Web-Based Office Applications


Web-Based Office Applications


Remember the good old days of typewriters, correction tape, and mimeograph copies with purple ink?  Slowly, and gratefully, we started to use free-standing computerized typewriters called word-processors, then to rely on a handful of computer software programs that allowed us to not only word process, but to manipulate data in spreadsheets, and even create multimedia presentations (think PowerPoint).  These programs tended to come from the big guys --Mircrosoft and Mac -- and, if not already installed on your computer when you bought it, came with a heafty price tag. 


Even now, with Internet access through public libraries and cafes becoming quite common and inexpensive, it can still be difficult to find access to office software applications when away from your home or work computer.   And working on a group project can mean a glut of email attachments and confusing multiple versions.


Good news!  Now there are web based technologies that allow you not only to create documents, but to collaborate in real-time, and store them online....FREE!  All you need is a computer with Internet access and a free account at one of these sites. 



Discovery Resources

Discovery Exercise 


Google Docs 

The most well known of these web-based office applications are hosted by Google.  Google docs



Google Apps Training: Product Overview Docs and Spreasheets





Other examples


Open Office http://www.openoffice.org/

Abi Source http://www.abisource.com/


Online photo editing: http://snipshot.com/


Tracking Your Progress


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