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Staff Ideas and Finds

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Staff Ideas and Finds


With all of the exploring you've done as part of BPL 2.0, chances are you've found ideas (or come up with them on your own!) that excite you enough to share with all of our colleagues.  If and when that happens, email Erin and Terzah at bpl20@bouldercolorado.gov and let us know what those ideas are.  Describe them if they're your ideas.  Send us links if you found them on the Web.  We'll list all of them here.  We hope it will be the start of a great conversation.


--Web and Library 2.0 aren't just about being producers of content in the new media. They're also about being consumers of it. Here's an article in the October 15, 2007 issue of Library Journal that talks about the issues and solutions.--Posted by Terzah 11/11/2007


--How about doing staff (or even patron!) booktalks and posting them on YouTube, with a link from our Web site? Maybe I'm just dreamin' here but it would be a lot of fun.--Posted by Terzah 11/21/2007


--Here's another LJ article, this time on how 2.0 can be a big help in Reader Advisory (and all of us, no matter which department we're in, will probably be asked for book recommendations sometime). Click here to read more.--Posted by Terzah 12/9/2007


--Here's a Slate article on a perhaps negative aspect of Web 2.0. Thanks to Lynn Reed, who sent it to Reference.--Posted by Terzah 1/23/2008


--Check out these two libraries' use of 2.0 technologies: St. Joseph County, Indiana, Public Library's Subject Guides (not perfect; it looks like there might be some spamming going on here) and Gail Borden Public Library District's Storypalooza Project. See the Nov./Dec. 07 issue of Public Libraries magazine for more info.--Posted by Terzah on 1/24/2008


--Want to find a blog on a topic near and dear to your heart? Try www.technorati.com, a search engine just for blogs. I got 87,000-plus hits on "libraries."--Posted by Terzah on 4/3/2008


--Videotape of the presentations by the candidates for director. This would have been great for those who were unable to attend them live.--Tania Durantez, 5/15/2008


--Here is a link to some great tutorials on 2.0 technologies (some in BPL 2.0 and others, like Twitter, that are not): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0klgLsSxGsU&feature=user. This link takes you to the one on RSS; others appear in the menu to the right of it.--Melinda Mattingly, 10/20/2008


Video at BPL

Here are several ideas from Dick Shahan on web video at BPL:


--A video of a BPL patron saying something about the value of BPL, or describing a positive experience the patron had at BPL.  This could be changed on a regular basis.
--Video comments from BPL staff about why they like working at BPL.
--Could have a "Get to Know the BPL Staff" video, with a group at a time, or featuring one staff person each month.
--Video from the Library Director, asking for support from community.  Or it might be a monthly Library Director's Report, or an annual State of the Library video.
--Video guided tour of 1 BPL department each month.  Or it could be of a branch, incl. Carnegie and Main as a branch.
--BMEA donates one month's dues to a BPL early-literacy program; BMEA gets a video with positive publicity about BMEA.
--Video of a Monday-morning children's Story Time (usually have the largest number of children showing up on Monday morning).
--Video of an appeal to viewers to attend such-and-such concert, or the current art exhibit, etc.
--Video of a different BPL staff members giving information about a department at BPL.
--Humor  (Yeah!):  BPL staff Annual Horrible Poetry Contest, with the contestants reading their entries on a video.  Or it could be just one person each month, without it being a contest.   Another option would be a video of staff members playing humorous music.  Could have a Horrible Music Contest, too.  (When you start thinking about something in this vein, all sorts of possibilities arise in your brain for a little humor with videos.)
--Videos of book reviews, or CD-music reviews, or DVD reviews.  Could have monthly Staff Picks video, also.
--If we do eventually decide to try to become a Library District, we'll need to persuade voters why we need the funds/change.  A video of the Main "tired building," overcrowded areas, pileups in shelving and Tech Services, etc., would be useful.
--A quarterly video of current status of Boulder economy, businesses.  Could do this for Colorado economy, also.
--Video of Business Acceleration Program summary, to help small businesses improve.
--Video of a note of historical interest about Boulder, each month (involve Carnegie).
--Video of a note of BPL historical interest, each month, or about the history of public libraries in America.
--Video of a summary report about new Children's Dept. books, or of any dept.'s new arrivals.  Could include recommendations.
--Let's say we try something like a partnership called a Senior Discount Program.  Area food stores, dept. stores, shops contribute money to BPL (esp. to seniors programs, which we need a lot more of, considering how the population is aging).  All seniors with cards at BPL get a green dot on their BPL library cards.  When they visit a contributing store, and show their green-dot cards, they get a 10% discount at that store.   In return, the contributors to this program get a video on the BPL site, about the stores.  Could be a guided tour of the store, or the manager talking about the value of contributing to BPL and the community, etc.
--Have a Seniors  Writing Competition.   (could do this also in children's, and teens.)  Make a video of the winner, reading the entry aloud. 
--Video of seniors (or CU students) reading to children and/or of children performing a play for seniors (or CU students).
--Video about tourism and the Arts in Boulder, and why we need to make Boulder a tourists/Arts destination.
--Video of why we'd like to have a Future of Public Libraries Seminar at BPL, or why we'd like to be able to host the annual ALA convention in Boulder, or why we'd all love to have an annual Boulder Jazz Festival, with everybody in the Boulder community contributing  (any idea like these would involve lots of partnerships, and fund-generating, and community action).
--Video for an annual Gardening Day, to be held at MDWS, or GRB, or both.  (Or it could be at Main, too, for that matter.  There are LOTS of ardent gardeners, in Boulder.
--Video for an annual Help the BPL Bike Race.  The race would start at MDWS, go through some side streets and park areas over to GRB, and continue up to NCAR, and then back down again, finishing at MDWS.  (I've actually ridden through all these areas, and it's both a challenge and a lot of great scenery, plus the City wouldn't have to shut down half of town, as it does during the Bolder Boulder.)  For funding, we'd ask merchants in the MDWS shopping center as well as Boulder bike stores and shops, athletic stores, etc., to donate.  At the conclusion of the race, there'd be a celebration in the MDWS shopping center parking lot.  In return for the contributions, all contributing stores could be part of a video.  Again, tour of the store, a manager talking about value of bike-riding, of BPL, of community. 
--Since the annual Kinetics Race is so popular, what if we decided to do something like an Annual Wacky Art Competition?  Contestants would create intentionally funny, weird art (could be drawing, painting, sculpture, photography--just about anything).  We'd then make a video of the 10 finalists, while they're on display in the BPL gallery.  And we could make a video of a local known artist, announcing the name of the winner, at a public reception.  (Again, something like this would involve partnerships, perhaps with area art galleries, the City, C.U., etc.)
--Video of a special one-day Onsite-Arts presentation, to display BPL Art Exhibit Space, and show local artists at work, actually creating art live.
--Video about a new concept:  the BoulderMobile.  We ask a local transit company to donate a bus or vehicle.  We fill the vehicle with Boulder-history items (from Carnegie) and with BPL materials that can be checked out.  We put a computer on board, so that people can get library cards and check out materials.  We have the BoulderMobile visit different areas in town, on different days, especially areas north and east (but it could also visit public schools, C.U., businesses and corporations, you name it). 
--We could create an educational video about BPL funding needs, and possibilities of and differences between trying to become a Library District or part of a Regional Library Authority, and how voters would have to vote for either concept, for it to happen.  Could also include different kinds of tax possibilities BPL could ask citizens to vote for, if the District or Authority don't seem likely to happen.
For example:
     --occupancy tax     --hotel-motel tax   --one-time-only dedicated tax or bond drive for BPL
     --impact fees on unincorporated areas in Boulder County  --mass-transit tax   
     --more-involved tax for the Arts, such as 2% of all funds spent on City construction, and 2% of all funds spent in private area construction, plus 1% of all funds spent in any residential-area construction program with a budget of $5 million or more.
--Video of BPL administrator and someone anti-Library District, having a discussion/debate about the District issue.  (Ft. Collins has a dvd about this subject, before the voters opted to change Ft. Collins to a District, and the video is favorable towards their becoming a District.  It worked well in communicating the library needs to the viewer.)
--  Video of our plan to build a 2-tiered or 3-tiered parking facility where our present one is.  The facility will also include public art in various portions of the construction, and will be patrolled  regularly by a  security guard.   If the public thinks this too preposterous or expensive or unwise because we're still in the middle of the floodplain, then how about a video about the new Library Arts Mobile.  A local transit company donates a bus or van.  Its interior and exterior include examples of public art.  It transports people from area parking lots (the bus would visit large lots in different areas of the city) to BPL, and back again, on a regular schedule.  It would also visit near the Canyon Cultural Corridor area, and we could even have (as they do on travel buses, in cities) a driver able to talk into a microphone, and tell riders about the Arts at BPL and in the City.  Thus we'd simultaneously be solving the ever-continuing transportation and parking problems here at Main, and also be giving riders information about BPL, the Arts, and the City.

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